Willfish: Your Trusted Airlie Fishing Charters

Chartering a boat and skipper with Willfish Airlie fishing charters is the best way to enjoy your day on the island. If you love fishing in the deep blue, having a chartered boat is the best way to go around.

A small island in the Whitsundays, Airlie Beach houses the most beautiful and exotic marine life in Australia. Its resources are so unique that it has become a hotspot for many fishermen.

Willfish caters to all types of people, regardless of your fishing experience. Our Airlie fishing charters accommodate all age groups, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old.

Airlie Beach Fishing Charters

Why We Are the Best Airlie Fishing Charters

We offer different packages that are both affordable and competitive. You can choose from the following:

Full-day Airlie Fishing Charters Tour

This one leaves at 6 am and lasts for 24 hours. We recommend it to those who have the entire day to spare at the beach.

Three-fourths Day Fishing

This leaves at 6 am and lasts for 18 hours. It’s perfect for people keen on fishing but don’t have the whole day.

Half-day (morning) Fishing

Here, we leave at 6 am and fish for 5 hours. This is great for those who want to go fishing but have limited time.

Half-day (afternoon) Fishing

A package that leaves at 12 pm and lasts for 4 hours. This is ideal for those who want to fish but aren’t morning persons.


With that, we offer both solo and small group packages. For small groups of four, renting-out our fishing boat is great if you’re celebrating special events to have more privacy.

We’re open for a personalized sightseeing cruise, too! This is perfect if you want to have more control over your fishing trip.

These packages depart from Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour, or Abell Point Marina, depending on the weather. They come with food and/or drinks, and safety and fishing gear, bait, and sunscreen.

Be ready to meet several fish like Nannygai, Wrasse, Queenfish, and Emperor. If you’re into light game fishing, trolling with lures and live baits will also give exceptional results.

Meet Will, Your Passionate Skipper

We’re also proud to have Will as our skipper.

He’s been fishing for many years and has been all around Australia. His passion dates back to his sailing days at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, making him overqualified for the job.

An accredited coxswain, Will makes sure that you stay safe and as comfortable as possible. He also willingly passes on his tips and techniques to help you have the best time on the water.

Introducing the Ocean Max Marine to Seal the Deal

Have we told you about our boat?

What makes us the best Airlie fishing charters is that we use the most modern boat. We call it the Ocean Max Marine, which is 24 ft. long and run by a powerful 300hp Evinrude G2 motor.

This fast and quiet boat has a center console and a solid built for maximum stability. Because of this stability, motion is also reduced so it’s perfect for all kinds of people.

Our boat is very spacious and comes with storage compartments for your bags. It also has high, full-padded sides, a huge freeboard, and support for your legs for added safety and comfort.

It’s also equipped with built-in sinks and a live bait station to maximize your fishing experience. We respect your privacy, too, so we’ve added a clean and enclosed flushing toilet on board.

Most importantly, Ocean Max Marine comes with tanks to ensure that your fish stay fresh. We even gut and place them in plastic bags before putting them in your chilly bin!