Day Trips From Airlie Beach? Why Not Take Your Family Fishing?

Got day trips from Airlie Beach? Why not take your family fishing?Most people engage in various outdoor activities like camping, sports, or even hiking. But how about fishing?You might say it’s a boring hobby but it can be a lot of fun when you get the hang of it. And once you get all the factors right (weather, gear, etc.) you’ll realize it can also be thrilling after all.Have you booked day trips from Airlie Beach? Why not take your family fishing? Read on as we tell you why and how within this article.

Why Should You Take Your Family Fishing?

Simple: it encourages family time and bonding.Though a lot of people go fishing alone, your whole family can make it a hobby as well! You can start something as simple as a picnic and do some fishing on the side.Or, you can just stand next to a family member and offer to hold the rod for them. It’s a simple gesture, yes, but it can help with the family bond and create many memories. C’mon—what’s a cooler memory than catching a big fish as a family? Moreover, fishing teaches patience. When you fish, you’re not going to catch a fish right away—sometimes, you even have to wait for several hours just for a fish to bite! As you sit down with your rod, you learn to become more patient as you wait for a bite. But once you do have a catch, you’ll realize it’s all worth it! The same goes for your family life. Things may start rough or seem like something’s not worth it, but when you learn to be patient, good things will await you in the end.So what are you waiting for? Take your family fishing and create memories that’ll last a lifetime!

Day Trips from Airlie Beach: Why You Should Trust Us

Willfish is committed to giving the best time during your time on the water. Whether you prefer a scenic trip or are keen to go fishing, you can trust us to give the time of your life. First, let’s talk about our skipper: Will. He’s very passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise about fishing. With many years of experience boating across Eastern Australia, he’s more than qualified for the job. Will’s an accredited Coxswain, too, and your safety and comfort are his top priorities. He caters to all levels of fishing experience, and families are very much welcome as well. Another thing is our boat. The 24 ft. Ocean Max Marine is a modern and composite boat run by the new 300hp Evinrude G2 that’s extremely quiet and supremely fast.

Our Packages

You can choose from four different tour packages, too! The first package if the Full-day Whitsunday Fishing that starts at 6 am. It can accommodate up to four passengers and is perfect for families who want to spend the whole day out. Your second option is the Three-quarter Day Whitsunday Fishing that also starts at 6 am. It can hold up to four people, too, and ideal for families who wish to have a long bonding moment.

We also offer half-day packages. You can choose from two options:

The first is the Morning Whitsunday Fishing that lasts from 6 am to11 am. Up to four persons are welcome and is great for families who normally start their days once the sun goes up. Or, you can try the Afternoon Whitsunday Fishing that starts at noon and ends at 4 pm. It holds up to four people and perfect for families who’d rather do things toward the end of the day.

We also offer gift vouchers, too! They’re the perfect gift for families who are fishing enthusiasts—this gift is great because they get to spend some family time as well.

What to Expect

Travel around the beautiful Whitsunday Islands and be amazed by the magnificent coral reefs. Species such as the Mackerel, Tuna, and the Giant Trevally are waiting for you.All our packages depart from Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour, or Abell Point Marina (depending on the weather.) Drinks and food, as well as sunscreen, fishing equipment, safety gear, and bait are included. We keep legal fish in our tanks and gut and ice them, too, before putting them in your esky.

For more information or to book online, please visit and enjoy a great day for fishing in Airlie Beach