Willfish: Enjoy Deep Sea Fishing Airlie Beach

Deep sea fishing Airlie beach is one thing you don’t want to miss. Airlie beach is a small village on the Whitsunday Coast of Queensland and is in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef.This small town is home to beautiful waterfront parks and beaches. If ever you’re on an island holiday, consider spending a couple of days off to experience some real adventure. Willfish is the leader in deep sea fishing Airlie beach. You can find several species of fish on this beach, that you can call it your aquatic playground.

Deep Sea Fishing Airlie Beach Packages to Choose From

You can choose from these packages to fit your needs and budget.

Half-day Deep Sea Fishing Airlie Beach Tour

We have two half-day packages if you want to fish but have limited time. Our morning package starts at 6 am and lasts for 5 hours, while the afternoon one starts at noon and lasts for 4 hours.

Three-fourths day Airlie Beach Fishing Tour

You can also try our ¾ day package. It starts at 6 in the morning as well and lasts for, as you guessed it, for 18 hours.

Full-day Fishing Tour

But, why not try our full-day package if you have an entire day to spare? The package starts at 6 am and lasts for 24 long hours.Depending on the weather, our boat departs from Shute Harbour, Abell Point Marina, or Port of Airlie. We also provide food and drinks, and bait, safety and fishing gear, and sunscreen.Here at Willfish, we cater to all types of people. Whether you’re a beginner, pro, young, or old, if you share our same passion for sailing and fishing, you’re more than welcome aboard.We offer both solo and group packages (4 persons.) There’s a personalized sightseeing cruise option, too, where you can choose your adventure. It’s also a great option if you’re celebrating special occasions or just want to spend quality time with family or friends.

Time to Meet Your Skipper

Deep Sea Fishing Airlie Beach Whitsundays

Now, it’s time to introduce you to our skipper. He’s Will, and his sailing knowledge began during his younger days with the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. He started boating and fishing since then all across Australia’s deep waters. Will’s also an accredited coxswain, with your safety and comfort being his utmost concerns. He imparts his tips and tricks to help you get the most from this experience. Your deep sea fishing Airlie beach will surely be a hit with him around.

What Makes Ocean Max Marine So Special

Our boat is perhaps what makes us unique. Powered by the 300hp Evinrude G2, the 24ft. long Ocean Max Marine is the most modern and powerful yet quiet boat you’ll find.It’s fast, too, to take you to different spots and to maximize your time deep fishing Airlie beach.The boat has a deluxe, roomy seating and is spacious enough for casting or on hookups. A lot of storage compartments are also available to keep your bags in. It has a very solid built and is exceptionally stable for reduced sickness. Your safety and comfort are guaranteed with its high, fully-padded sides, support for your legs, and huge freeboard. And, for your convenience and privacy, a clean and enclosed flushing toilet is also provided. Most importantly, the boat comes with built-in sinks and a live bait station. It comes with its own tank, too, where you can store all your catch to ensure their freshness. We’ll even clean and put them in plastic bags before placing them in your esky!

Call and book now to experience Deep Sea Fishing Airlie beach today on Willfish: your sprecialised Airlie Beach fishing Charter!