We use many types of techniques to catch good fish including micro jigging which utilises jigs from 10g to 100g plus. At Willfish, we will teach you everything you need to know and what to do when jigging.

Another great way to catch big fish in the Gold Coast Broadwater aboard Willfish charters is using soft plastic lures. Soft plastic has an extremely wide range to choose from, which makes it easier to target particular species of your choice. Using soft plastic is extremely effective, and on board you will be taught exactly how to use them with the years of experience behind us.

Hard body lure fishing is a very effective way for many species. Whether it is surface or diving lures, they work for many species including flathead, trevally, bream, whiting, taylor and many more. Using diving lures is extremely effective on sand banks for big flathead and some other species. You can also cast your lures amongst rock and very structured areas including fallen trees, jetties, pylons and anything that could be used as a spot for big fish to sit, hide and pounce on their prey. This will just be another activity executed on our Broadwater charter to maximise your chance on getting that big fish.

Live baiting is a technique we use frequently due to its effectiveness. It increases the chance at catching bigger and better fish than using dead bait, although dead bait is very useful in some circumstances. Whether a live bait is floating on the surface half way down or on the bottom, you will know about it when you have one on the line or when the big fish is around. Using the ultimate gear also gives you the upper hand on catching these big fish, as compared to cheap gear that cannot stand the pressure.

Willfish charters takes a large amount of consideration and dedication to each and every trip by putting our customers always first and trying to catch dream fish for them. We consider every detail including tide times, speeds and heights, wind directions and speeds, the moon times and size, weather patterns and much more.