Whitsundays fishing is one of the most exciting and rewarding experience ever.  It is a great place for fishing; having plenty of channels, shelves, reefs and sheltered bays. The clear waters are blooming with so many species of pelagic like bream, mackerel, marlin, Queenfish, snapper, barramundi, coral trout, emperor, wahoo, trevally, mangrove jack, kingfish, and cod amongst others. As well, there are different kinds of reef fish.

Most of the Whitsunday Islands are accessible by boat and a lot more are home to National parks. One visit to this paradise will give you the best of memories and offer one of the most amazing sports fishing in the tropics.

So why not charter a boat with an experienced Skipper to bring you to the best Fishing spots in the Whitsundays?

Most daytrips take you everywhere from the islands to the Great Barrier Reef that is a haven for so many kinds of fish. Interestingly, you’re going to still have a great time whether you’re new or a seasoned professional. This is because the guides know all of the hottest fishing spots and can help you with everything from technique, to back and to tackle.

The fishing also offers a wide range of options including accommodation that is available on the island and mainland. Usually, most of the resorts offer a lot of onsite facilities and activities to ensure that there’s something for every member of the family to enjoy.  Here are things you should know about Whitsundays Fishing.

Fishing Whitsundays Shute Harbour

Fishing Whitsundays Shute Harbour

Seasons for Fishing in the Whitsundays  (When to Fish)

Fishing is relatively good all year. However, the weather including tides and winds affect the type of fish that is biting. It also has an impact on the fishing in the region. For instance, Fish are quite active in the warmer season. However, depending on the species, some are more active in the winter than others.

Whitsunday Fishing Locations  (Spots to Fish)

The location is dependent on the kind of fish you like as well as the species you’re targeting. At the Whitsundays, there are so many beaches, jetties and rock walls that are perfect for fishing with rods on the mainland. One of the most popular locations, however, are the Shute Harbour Marina public jetty, the Cannonvale Beach and the VMR Rockwall.

Fun fact is that to get the best fishing, its best to go around the islands. Willfish Charters can take you. around and bring you to the best Whitsunday Fishing spots.

Techniques  & Materials (How to Fish)

If you would like to fish from the mainland such as the beach or a rock wall, then use a hand line or a rod with flicking bait or lures. For bottom fishing, you can use a hand reel with fresh or bought bait or you can use a rod. Make sure that your bait is in close distance to the corals and bommies below. If you want to trawl for gamefish, it is best to use rods with lure. Also make sure you’re in deep open water.

When coming along on our Whitsunday fishing charters, starting from Shute Harbour or Airlie Beach, we will make sure you have the best possible experince Fishing in the Whitsundays! So book your Airlie Beach fishing charter with us today.